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Domain names can be registered for different spans of time, varying from 1 to 10 yrs. Given Top-Level Domains such as .co.uk and .com.au can be registered for no more and no less than 2 yrs at a time..


Register a Domain Name

One of the most essential prerequisites for building a successful web presence is the domain. It is what people will discern first when they come across your website and what they will link you with.


Domain Name Registration

With 'NTC Hosting', you can register or transfer your domains, update their contact info, and receive opportune notices so that you will not miss the re-registration period.


Dedicated Web Servers

Dedicated Hosting

The DirectAdmin and cPanel hosting CPs, grant complete server root access and include three levels of access - root, reseller and user. If you intend to resell hosting accounts rather , you should select one of these two.


Dedicated Server

You are bestowed with complete server root access and can utilize 100 percent of the web hosting server's resources without anyone else using these resources and meddling with your web sites.


Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Most hosting providers, incl. ResellersPanel Web Hosting, provide several hardware architectures you can pick from in keeping with your necessities.


Web Hosting Reseller

Reseller Hosting

A reseller hosting solution is a type of hosting account, which enables the reseller to create various sub-accounts that can be sold to various customers.


Reseller Hosting Solutions

The way in which reseller hosting functions is dependent on the approach of the host, which offers the hosting service. The most commonly used type of reseller web hosting account is the cPanel/WHM one.


Quality Reseller Hosting

The way in which reseller hosting performs is dependent on the strategy of the web hosting supplier, which delivers the hosting service.


VPS Web Hosting

VPS Hosting Advantages

To answer the need for affordably priced, but reliable hosting solutions, vendors started a midway site hosting solution - the virtual private web server.


Virtual Private Server

VPS hosting companies with the most intelligent web hosting and domain management Graphical User Interfaces.


VPS Solutions

Each particular account is insulated from all other accounts on the web server, so each VPS server can run a different OS and be rebooted independently from the other ones.


Shared Hosting

Reliable Web Hosting

Software platform is included in the hosting plan and is furnished for free with it, so even if you do not have any web page design skills, you can effortlessly create a professional website utilizing an uncomplicated GUI.


Shared Web Hosting

When speaking of really good client support services, an applicable example is NTChosting, which offers round-the-clock technical support with very short feedback rates.


Shared Hosting

A web portal will permit you to get to millions of people regardless of where they are or what time it is.


Free Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting

100 Webspace offers remarkably inexpensive web site hosting accounts in case you require extra resources.


Free Web Hosting Solutions

Host unlimited domain names & websites under one business web hosting account with Lonex - a proven web hosting and domain name registration services provider.


Web Hosting for Free

When I'm starting a small online project, I usually pick a free-of-charge web site hosting plan and then upgrade to a paid one if I opt to carry on developing the online project.